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The OT department wanted to continue the topic of POSTURE! Postural alignment is important for feeding, drawing, reading, writing, and respiration. Try the activities below to improve posture! 

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Seated posture 

Hips, knees, and ankles at 90 degrees! This 90-90-90 form will provide optimal posture to complete tabletop activities. The desk should be at elbow height. 

TIP: If feet are dangling, place a step stool or a sturdy item under the feet. 

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Avoid W-sitting! We encourage postures that allow more movement. W-sitting does not promote crossing midline and trunk rotation that your child needs for working on tabletop activities. 

Activities to promote good posture during play 


Prone Play or Wheelbarrow Walk 

Activity: Instruct your child to lay on their belly during play. Encourage use of forearms for support. 

Challenge: Wheelbarrow walk! While your child is laying on the belly, pick them up from just above the ankles and encourage walking with hands. If your child is unable to sustain straight body position, hold your child from just above the knees. 

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Drawing on the Wall 

Activity: Tape a poster on the wall and have your child draw on it.  

Challenge: Encourage your child to place stickers over the drawn lines to continue working on core strength and postural control. 

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Table top or Crab walk 

Activity: Instruct your child to do table top pose and hold a stuffed animal on their belly. Don’t let the toy fall down! See how long your child can hold it. 

Challenge: Collect puzzle pieces around the house while crab walking! Encourage your child to keep their bottoms lifted off the ground. 

As always, please contact your occupational therapist if you need more individualized support. 

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