Cafe Rebecca

Café Rebecca is a gluten-free café located within the Rebecca School. Through the Café Rebecca program, our Transitions students (ages 15-21) bake, deliver, advertise and run all aspects of a café.  Our student bakers create everything from the logo to the cupcakes.  Everything made in Café Rebecca is gluten-free and nut-free, with vegan options as well.  Café Rebecca’s goal for serving food to the school community is to create a shared experience surrounding homemade food that all students and staff members can enjoy together, taking into consideration all food allergies.

Café Rebecca is helping the Rebecca School learn about healthy choices while making cooking a fun shared experience for all. Café Rebecca is a non-profit program run by the Rebecca Association of Autism and completely supported by donations. For information on how to get involved in the program, contact us at

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Meet the Team

Alison Schaffer

Head Chef

Jonathan Delacruz

Cafe Rebecca Facilitator

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