Learning Through Relationships
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Animal Poses

The OT department wants to share activities to improve your child’s interoceptive sense! Interoception is one of the 8 senses of the body. It represents the internal functions of the body and is what informs us that we are hungry, thirsty, sleepy, too hot, feeling pain, need the bathroom, and other internal sensations. 



Hold animal yoga poses with your child and help them to gain awareness of where their body parts are. Incorporate deep breathing and discuss feelings of relaxation and calmness. How fast or slow is your heart racing? Is your breathing heavy or slow? 

Heavy Work 

Heavy Work is an activity that that requires pushing or pulling against the body. This may include Froggy jumps, moving furniture, playing sports, or carrying groceries. 

An Emphasis on Functionality within the Montessori ...

During this activity, discuss the differences in your body before and after the movement. Is your forehead sweating? Are your cheeks pink? Are you hot? What could these signs mean? Be mindful that your child may need a rest break or a drink of water.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation 


Have your child relax while in a comfortable position. Provide instructions on focusing and squeezing each part of the body starting from the toes (i.e. “squeeze the muscles in your toes, hold it… and let go”). This will help your child be more aware of body parts. 

As always, please contact your occupational therapist if you need more individualized support. 

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