Psychology Externship & Internship Program

Psychology Externship & Internship Program


Rebecca School externship/internship programs are distinguished for their focus on clinical training and professional development for our externs/interns. Externs receive one hour of didactic seminar within the Psychology Department as well as an additional, one hour didactic seminar that is provided for all departments (on Fridays only). Finally, externs observe and participate in weekly grand rounds/case conference which include all staff (as well as the family of the student being presented). Didactic seminars are provided by senior clinicians from Rebecca School, as well as by outside speakers with expertise in child/adolescent development, relational psychology/DIR and the treatment of neurodevelopmental disorders.

Supervision is provided by highly experienced, licensed psychologists. Externs receive a minimum of one hour of individual supervision and one hour of group supervision weekly. In addition to supervision and training provided by psychologists, externs/interns have the opportunity to observe clinicians from other disciplines, including music therapists, social workers, and DIR/Floortime consultants. The senior staff have expertise in a variety of theoretical orientations including psychodynamic therapy, interpersonal psychology, and trauma theory. Externs are encouraged to adopt their own personal style for conducting psychotherapy within this developmental, relational model. The videotaping of sessions is commonly used as an additional training tool that helps trainees deepen their clinical skills and self-confidence.

To be considered, applicants should, at a minimum, be in their third year of clinical, counseling, child/clinical, or combined school/child clinical psychology doctoral study during their externship year. All applicants should have some form of prior counseling/clinical experience and have completed coursework in cognitive and adaptive functioning assessment, psychoeducational assessment, and assessment report writing.

Externs are required to fulfill a minimum commitment of 2 full (8-hour) days per week, with a 3rd day being optional, depending on the extern’s schedule. The externship program begins during the first week of September and ends in mid-June. Tuesdays are required clinical days because department meetings and training seminars occur on those days.

Typical Extern Activity Hours for 2 Full Days:

Direct clinical service:              11 hrs.
Individual Supervision:            1hr.
Group Supervision:                  1hr.
Psych Dept. Didactic Seminar: 1hr.
Case conference:                      1hr.

All-staff Didactic Seminar:      1hrs (Fridays only)
Approximate Total:                16 hours per week

Externs will be expected to provide individual and group counseling services, psychological assessments, participate in individual and group supervision, be present for all in-service training and case conferences (according to their schedule), and provide clinical consultation to teaching staff, families, and other clinical staff. Students who require additional clinical hours can be accommodated.


Interested candidates should send a letter of interest, a CV and two letters of reference from professionals familiar with their work. Candidates should consult their Directors of Clinical Training regarding the start date for submitting applications. Applications should be mailed or emailed to:
Dr. Ismini Georgiades, Clinical Coordinator
Rebecca School
40 E. 30 Street, NY, NY 10016

Additional information about Rebecca School can be obtained through our website:, or by calling our office: 212-810-4120 x 248.