Parent & Family Services

Parent & Family Services

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Social Work Services
A social worker is assigned to every family at Rebecca School. This social worker builds the connection between home and school life. Some duties of social workers include:

  • making home visits
  • providing referrals to outside services and agencies
  • accompanying you to your IEP meeting
  • individual and family counseling
  • and providing time-sensitive assistance in case of emergency

Parent Support Group Series
We offer weekly parent support groups. Our groups are facilitated by licensed Mental Health professionals. By hosting these weekly support groups, we:

  • provide a place for parents to feel part of a community
  • discuss issues and concerns that can arise with raising a child with special needs
  • gain feedback from other parents who have experienced similar situations.

Parent Workshops
Parent workshops are provided to educate parents on important and relevant topics such as Medicaid Waiver Services, Special Needs Financial Planning, and preparing for life after school.

Sibling Group

We also offer sibling groups for brothers and sisters of Rebecca School students. These groups serve as a space for siblings to talk, have fun, meet other children with similar situations, and gain support from a special community of their own. Groups are facilitated by licensed Mental Health professionals.

Parent Education and Training in DIR®/Floortime™
Lastly, we offer a 4-week intensive training in DIR®/Floortime™ for parents and caregivers of Rebecca School students. Parents and caregivers come to learn how to provide DIR®/Floortime™ in their homes. These trainings are scheduled many times throughout the school year.