Posted on 10/16/2013

We are pleased to announce that Rebecca School will be participating in an art-based fundraiser through the company, SilverGraphics. Each of our children will be creating a piece of 2-D art at school that can then be printed on a variety of products for your purchase. Rebecca Association of Autism will get a percentage of the profit made on this fundraiser. That money will go toward funding the Rebecca School Transitions Program overnight to Sharpe Reservation in June.

Here is the timeline of important dates for this fundraiser:

• October 25, 2013 – We will ship one piece of artwork per student at Rebecca School to SilverGraphics. Students will create their artwork at Rebecca School either during classroom time or during art class. As always, media and techniques for the project will vary by student, taking in to account developmental level, sensory profile, and interest.

• November 8, 2013 – Order forms will be sent home to parents. These order forms will be individualized per student to showcase the piece of art that each student personally created.

• November 15, 2013- Order forms and payment are due back at school. There is NO FLEXIBILITY with this deadline. It is necessary to stick to the timeline in order for products to be created and delivered on the target date. Checks should be made to Rebecca Association for Autism.

• December 19 + 20, 2013 – Products will be delivered to Rebecca School and sent home with students.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!