Learning Through Relationships

LIT Transitions is a program to empower and enable young adults with or without developmental disabilities to acquire the capabilities with which they can plan for, find, and succeed in meaningful employment in the field of their choice. They will also learn social and personal skill sets that will support them in their vocations and in other aspects of their lives throughout their adulthood. LIT Transitions is located at Rebecca School in Manhattan, NY.

Our Beliefs

We believe that every individual has unique capabilities and interests and is entitled to participate in a meaningful life activity of their own choosing, including employment in all its varied forms. We further believe that every individual has the capability to actively pursue their own personal life goals, and is entitled to the opportunity to explore and learn the skills necessary to allow them to succeed in those activities.

Classes and Internships

Classes and internships at LIT are designed to help provide the skill sets necessary for individuals to succeed in employment in its many forms, whether that be full time, part-time, volunteer or otherwise.  All classes and internships will be designed to help understand the basics of employment as well as a good work/life balance.  All the classes will be built to provide participants with opportunities to practice these skills. 

LIT programs are open to the general public of all abilities and will be fully differentiated to accommodate the needs of each individual.

Dinner Club

Going into its third year, Dinner Club has proven to be very popular. Each Wednesday evening, we gather together to plan, cook and enjoy dinner and dessert together. Other group-designed fun activities are included! Informative and downright fun! Dinner included!

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