Comic Book Club Visits 4K Media!

It would be very difficult to say who had the most fun on the recent field trip to 4KMedia: The students from the Rebecca School Comic Book Club, the staff from Rebecca School or the staff from 4KMedia.  4KMedia is a group of media professionals who bring all things Yu-Gi-Oh! to the United States.

The students from Rebecca School’s comic book club are some of the franchise’s biggest fans.
The staff at Rebecca School are some of Rebecca School’s students biggest fans.

The trip which had been in the works since September of 2014 finally came to fruition when staff and students arrived at 4KMedia offices. We got off the elevator to be greeted by all things Yu-Gi-Oh. Chalk Murals, posters, framed cards, toys and videos to start the list. The students were in awe of everything they saw.  We did not think it could get any better, then we met the staff, one of the most generous group of individuals to ever host the Comic Book Club on a field trip. The thoughtfulness that went into planning the time we spent at 4KMedia was remarkable.  And the students were lucky enough to meet a Ghostbuster too!



And just when we thought the staff of 4KMedia had left us with not only memories that will last a lifetime and stories to be shared between staff and students they gave us more. The students each received original artwork by 4KMedia artist Jason. Ghostbuster Chris went above and beyond to make gift bags for each student. Each gift bag contained a DVD of Yu-Gi-Oh, two packs of Yu-Gi-Oh playing cards, a paper craft toy as well as a pendant made on a 3D printer.

Our last surprise came when the Rebecca School Comic Book club were invited by producer Shane into a recording booth to record our voices for an upcoming episode of the newest cartoon series; Yu-Gi-Oh: Arc V! We will be the cheering crowd!



The Rebecca School Comic Book Club again would like to thank the amazing staff at 4KMedia. You gave us an incredible and unique experience. The students not only have the work you do as something to aspire to in regards to their future careers but can look also to emulate the type of people you are. Michelle and Fran, words cannot express our gratitude but I will attempt to by saying thank you so much for organizing (what the students and staff are still referring to as the best field trip ever) such a wonderful day for us.

-Zach Freeman, Art Instructor and Comic Book Club facilitator    ComicBookClub4kMedia060215web-00690     ComicBookClub4kMedia060215web-00777 ComicBookClub4kMedia060215web-00779