Cartoonists In The Classroom

Chris Giarusso talks about writing and illustrating G-Man, Ruben Bolling looks on

Chris Giarusso talks about writing and illustrating G-Man, Ruben Bolling looks on

A group of students having one professional working in the comic industry visit them is an incredibly special thing.  On Friday November 20th the students of Rebecca School’s Comic Book Club were given a special visit from both Chris Giarusso and Ruben Bolling.  You read that correctly, two professionals were in the classroom to donate their time and knowledge.  Thank you so much to both of our guests.

Rebecca School Comic Book Club students

Rebecca School Comic Book Club students.


Both are accomplished, award winning authors and illustrators.  Mr. Bolling recognized for his comic strip Tom The Dancing Bug and children’s books Alien Invasion In My Backyard and Ghostly Thief of Time.  Mr. Giarusso recognized for his own G-Man comic series and work done for Image, Marvel and DC Comics. 

The event started with introductions, the students were incredibly curious and asked Mr. Giarusso and Mr. Bolling questions both about their work and their personal interests.  After questions and answers the visiting cartoonists read some of their work to the students, every word left them wanting to read on.  Mr. Giarusso read from his recently published G-Man Super Journal: Awesome Origins and Mr. Bolling from his book Alien Invasion In My Backyard.

The students were then treated to drawings and autographs from both of our guests.  Images of the autographed books, comics and drawings received by the students can be seen in the events image gallery.

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It was an amazing experience to both watch drawings of favorite characters come to life and hear text read from the people who wrote it.  We are extremely grateful to Mr. Giarusso and Mr. Bolling for donating their time to us.  Please check out the works of our guests at their websites.  Artwork created by Rebecca School’s Comic Book Club students are being featured on both sites.

We look forward to the next projects created by Mr. Chris Giarusso and Mr. Ruben Bolling.  You keep writing and drawing and we will keep reading!

Both Chris & Ruben have recently been published by AMP. Without questions AMP is one of the best publishers or all age books.  Please be sure to check out all of the wonderful material they publish via their website.