Posted on 01/15/2013
The yellow school bus strike is currently IN EFFECT.

For the safety of all children, Rebecca School’s policy states no child is released to anyone other than the child’s parent/guardian unless we have prior written approval as stated on the Child Release Form.

Please contact Hillary to advise who your child may be released to. Be sure to include the person’s name, phone number and the relationship to your child.

Advise anyone picking up your child, they must bring a photo id card in order for Rebecca School to release your child.

Hillary can be reached at Hsands@rebeccaschool.org or by calling 212.810.412


Not all buses are on strike. Below is a list of the bus route that will go on strike. If your child is on any bus listed below, please prepare for alternate transportation.

M285 / M288 / M289 / M296 / M300 / M383 / M502 / M505 / M565 / M567 / M600 / M601 / M602 / M606 / M608 / M802 / M832

If your child is on a route that is not on the list above, please call the bus company directly to confirm that your child’s transportation will not be disrupted.

If your child’s bus is one that will not be going on strike, please contact the bus company every morning for as long as the strike continues. Although your child’s bus company is not due to strike, if there is a picket line blocking their depot, they will not cross it.

For those that would like to request a metro card, please contact Candice Woodlon directly at cwoodlon@rebeccaschool.org. When you drop off your child tomorrow morning, please see Candice to retrieve your metro card.

Please visit the Department of Transportation website for more information!