Ally Rosenfeld visits the Comic Book Club!

From our Art Teacher, Zach Freeman:


Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld answers questions from the Comic Book Club

Voice actress Aly Rosenfeld’s website visited the Rebecca School Comic Book Club yesterday.  The students were thrilled to meet one of the stars from their favorite cartoons; Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh.  The students started with introductions which was followed quickly by asking Ms Rosenfeld questions from a list that they had been compiling in comic book club over the past couple of weeks.  We learned many interesting facts about the voice acting industry: what one might need to do to pursue a career in voice acting, where voice acting studios are located in Manhattan and how to develop a voice for a character.

The students requested that Aly do the voice to one of her most famous roles; Pokemon’s Nurse Joy.  Needless to say the group was elated….as was I.

Ms Rosenfeld then asked the group to stand up as she led them in ome vocal excercises.  The excersices got us moving and helped the group of young men practice female voices as well as evil laughs.  


Practicing our villainous laughs

We ended the event with an autograph session.  The students chose what they wanted Aly to sign for them and she was more than happy to oblige them.  

cbcAlly-Rosenfeld4A huge THANK YOU to Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld who so generously donated her time and talents.  We greatly appreciate you coming to meet the Rebecca School Comic Book Club.  We will always remember the amazing experience we had meeting you whenever we watch Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh on television.