Comic Book Club

Comic Book Club

comic-book-clubRebecca School’s Comic Book Club consists of students of all ages who are interested & passionate about comic books and other related, fun topics and hobbies. Video games, Japanese animation, Cartoons, and Science Fiction are all topics of discussion at our weekly meetings. We have been meeting once a week for the last 4 years. Over the years we have had the opportunity to participate in group experiences. These experiences have included both field trips to comic book related events as well as welcoming guests from the comic book and cartoon industries.


The comic book club works weekly on a group mural. The theme of the mural is different every year. Past themes have included an all Heroes mural and an all Villains mural. The theme of the 2014-2015 mural is Heroes vs Villains.comicBookClub-07748

The group provides a unique opportunity for students from various classes to come together in a group and share their passion for all things comic book related. The group projects allow the students involved to work on various things. By putting all aspects of the construction of the mural to a vote the students are working on accepting other people’s ideas and opinions. The murals being constructed on one large piece of paper also allows the students to be working on sharing space with others.

Past Events:

Cartoonists In The Classroom

Donation from Foundation 4 Heroes!

Donation from IDW Comics!

Gift from Comic Artist Jeff Smith!

Donation from Anthony Onesto!

Donations from OniPress & Antarctic Press!

Visit to 4K Media, US home of YuGiOh!

Visit To DC Comics & a Gift From Bongo Comics!

Veronica Taylor (Voice Actress)

Marvel Comics visits Rebecca School

Jerry DeCaire (Illustrator)

Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld (Voice Actress)

National Batman Day

Avengers Exhibit at Discovery Center in Times Square